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Book of the Week: Rez dogs

  • 11/24/2023
  • NYC Public Schools
Book of the Week: Rez dogs

 Author: Joseph Bruchac

A Wabanaki girl's quarantine on her grandparents' reservation and the local dog that becomes her best friend, Malian was visiting her grandparents on the reservation when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Now she's staying there, away from her parents and her school in Boston. Everyone is worried about the pandemic, but on the reservation, everyone protects each other, from Malian caring for her grandparents to the local dog, Malsum, guarding their house. They always survive together. Malian hears stories from her grandparents about how it has always been this way in their community: Stories about their ancestors, who survived epidemics of European diseases; about her grandfather, who survived a terrible government boarding school; and about Malian's own mother, who survived and returned to her native community after social services took her away to live in foster care as a child. With their community and caring for one another, Malian and her family will survive this pandemic, too.

Accelerated Reader: 5.1  Publisher-Recommended Age and Grade: 8 years-12 years

Find a copy at your NYPL ,Brooklyn Library or Queens Library