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Early Childhood Education Provider Contracts

  • 11/07/2022
Chancellor Banks with community  speaking to community member
To help our network of community-based Early Childhood Education providers manage the effects of the pandemic and the glut of seats in some areas, we have committed to paying all community programs at least 75% of the value of their FY22 contracts with @NYCschools.

In addition, @NYCSchools and @NYCMayorsOffice are partnering to provide 1:1 support from a Rapid Response Team that will help community providers submit invoices and get paid promptly. This is a critical investment in a sector that is a backbone of our communities.

None of these efforts would be possible without the partnership of our community members, childcare providers, and @NYCschools educators and leaders who walk alongside us as we work to build a stronger Early Childhood Education system. Learn more: